German drinking horn on Sean as part of his deconstructed family crest

Rainy night with #margottenenbaum

A few months back the amazingly talented @iam_poudrenoire made this painting of me. Yesterday she gave me this painting of @sweetytattoo - two words - Glitter Beard!

#LilyOfTheValley #heart for one of my all time favorites #tattoo #flowertattoo #zoebeantattoo #8ofswordstattoo

Flower and herb bouquet on the back of Elvira’s tiny arm

One half of a healed pair on the super sweet Henry and Stephanie.

Finished my part of this #audobon inspired collaboration with @karenglasstattoo on the amazing @palominojewelryny

On the set of the tv show Elementary - art work by me and @sweetytattoo

Shiny back of the arm deconstructed compass from last week

Wintery night bird